Assistant Internship

Valero Brand Internship

I had the opportunity to work with Ximena Valero, a fashion designer, as her assistant. The internship experience was a wonderful learning experience, every was hands on directly from Ximena herself. I am able to assists and shadows her for the whole internship and see what a fashion designer and brand owner does. Tasks that I did are creating a mood board based on Retro Futuristic theme using the Pinterest platform, research topics on copyright laws and 2023 fashion trends then presented to Ximena, create a call sheet and find inspiration for a photoshoot, conducting trends research and finding for Ximena next collections, pattern making/drafting, cutting samples, inventory, packaging, quality control finished garments, and attends many events such as magazine fashion photoshoot, Fashion Show, and TV show in Los Angeles, and help capture materials and content for social media. I also had the opportunity to explore the fashion district with Ximena and get introduced to various shops where she frequently visited.

Overall, I really felt like I had learned almost how to run a brand because of how I was able to work directly with Ximena, the owner of the brands. I had a conversation with her from a legal perspective, paper work, production process, and designing. Although I did not learn any new/hard technical skill, creating a call sheet and attending various events to help with wardrobe and styling were definitely memorable highlights of my internship. Capturing contents for social media was definitely not easy as well due to specification of how she wants it done but as I get to know her more it gets easier with proper communication. I also learn about upcoming color and fashion trends along the way as I do research for Ximena. I definitely has earn many new experiences which are I think are more valuable to me at my current state then learning a new skills

This opportunity would have not been possible without skills I had learned at AMM, who has prepared me for the work in the real world. This internship has open many doors for my future with various connection that I made during the internship. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and will definitely take all my leaning forward toward my future career.