AMM 2600 Upcycling: Coverall

Upcycling: Coverall

By Huey Wong

December 2, 2020

I have this Coverall bought from online store years ago that only get wore twice. The main problem with this garment is the fit, it simply too baggy. The solution I had come up with this coverall that make the most sense for fit is to create two fisheyes darts along princess line from the back. The seam was done by hand to ensure the accuracy.

Thought Process:

My first step is to see how to tailor it to fit me better. I start examining the garment: the side seam, waist, hem, construction, etc.... Then I realize if I want to change the fit of this coverall through the side seam, I would have to almost deconstruct the whole garment including pockets. The amount that I had to take this coverall in the waist is about 8 inches. After playing around with the fabric while trying it on, I figure that the best way to adjust this jumpsuit is by making darts in the back.

I create a fisheye dart with 4 inches intake each and sewn it down by hand. Trying it on and I was happy with what I altered. The jumpsuit doesn’t look way too baggy like before.

So, I proceed to bleaching. At first I was planning to only bleach the coverall at the bottom on the legs, however, I changed my mind halfway through and bleached the whole jumpsuit. I fill a bucket with water and dump some bleach in it, stir it around until it lifts to the color that looks good to me which is around the 20 minute mark. I took it out and rinsed it multiple times then neutralized the bleach with vinegar. I let it soak in vinegar a bit then hand washed it detergent and threw it in the dryer.

The color turned out way more even than I first expected. There are some spots that did not get bleach as even as the other area and I planned to spot bleach it sometime later. Overall, I am happy with it for now and I might wear it around the house or to run some errand.

Fit Test: Before Alteration

Pins and Sews the Fisheye Darts


Changed My Mind and Bleach the Whole Coverall

Result: Comparing Before vs. After